Tease ~~~  

voyeur2017 55M
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1/13/2018 10:21 am
Tease ~~~

The cam tease I began?
It quite turned you on.
So after the cam went dark
You continued alone.

Your toy continued its journey
On the path I had set.
Imagining it against you as
My thick, hard cock's head.

Moving over your nipple
Up, down and around
Your toy taunts you
As you lay silent, not a sound.

My image has you spellbound,
Taunted, teased, tantalized...
You catch your breath
As you close your eyes,imagine.

Mmmm..you delight in your toy
And where I left you...
Aroused, wet and wanting...
Yearning...needing release.

You slide your toy down
Toward more southern regions.
The hot & steamy panama...
Passion forever seething.

In your mind are my words
You hope I would say...
Directing and teasing...
Enjoying our play.

As the waves surround you
Pulling you out with the tide
You visualize me below you...
Enjoying our ride.

Your head tossed back,
Hair grazing my balls...
You feel my grip tight on your hips
Your pussy tightens around your toy.

You cry out as you cum
As you imagine me inside
Feeling shudders and waves
Of passion come through.

Each thrust you imagine
As though I am there.
The warmth you feel spread...
As you gasp for air.

As the passion subsides
You fold yourself in
An imaginary embrace
To rest once again.

Tmptrzz 55F  
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1/13/2018 10:51 am

Now that's a tease my friend and it sounds like a true sexual journey..

Just your average every day run of the mill nana here!!!

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