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Erotic Stories
Posted:Sep 24, 2017 10:38 am
Last Updated:Feb 27, 2018 5:20 am

Hey boo.

I'm realizing my blog is just me shooting the shit. If you'd like to read my erotica, best way to find it is to search my username, MissDReid, on the erotic stories page under the community tab. I haven't figured out if there's an easier way for you to find them yet...

I also take fan requests for stories. Message me an idea and I'll work with you to post something that is a meld of our interests.

And if you have ideas for other things (pics, vids, blogs), message me those too. I'm here for your pleasure...
50 nifty
Posted:Apr 3, 2018 5:55 am
Last Updated:Apr 8, 2018 6:45 am

I have been a busy girl.... that's my excuse for abandoning this blog.

I've also been conducting what has become a social experiment. Let me explain.

I was interested in getting some more views and making some new friends, so I started moving my profile location around. I started in LA and have just been moving up and down the US. I'm currently "in" Minnesota.

I didn't think doing this would cause much upset, the very first thing I say in my profile is that I'm not looking. Then, the messages start coming in. And yeah... you all really don't read the profile...

Then I started noticing trends in the messages I received. The region dictated how nice people were, how stupid they were, how rude they were, how respectful...

I've been getting a real feel for the local flavor and I've gotta say, I'm definitely planning on making actual trips to a few states. But let me give you a breakdown.

So Cal: The people were beautiful and laid back, but no one reads the profile.
No Cal: Still beautiful and still don't read the profile.
Oregon: Wonderful weirdos who still don't read the profile. I had a man message asking for a pair of pee soaked panties. Wonderful weirdos.
Washington: You could tell people here were highly educated, all the people were respectful, and they all seemed to read the profile. Mark this as a must visit!
Idaho: Not that there were enough people to get a feel, but mostly it seemed everyone doesn't read the profile.
West Nevada: A few too many assholes with a few too many spelling errors. No one read the profile.
East Nevada: It's a bad mix when everyone's very into instant gratification and they don't read the profile. I had some real angry people here.
Arizona: The exact opposite of Washington with a few exceptions.
Utah: Respectful and shy. At least no one wanted pee soaked panties. Some read the profile.
Wyoming: I thought everyone could read and write English here? I'm still not sure what you all were trying to tell me, but I'm almost positive you couldn't read the profile.
Montana: Literally everyone I talked to basically said there's nothing to do so why not do "it". Sounds like a fun place... And by context I'll assume you didn't read the profile.
Colorado: We mostly keep to ourselves and you get a good mix here with everyone moving in from all over. And yes, a lot of stoners. A few read the profile.
New Mexico: More interesting people who don't read the profile. I had someone request a jar of shit from me. A literal jar of shit. I didn't understand it either.
West Texas: Genuine people who were mostly respectful and mostly read the profile.
Central Texas: Rudest people so far.
South Texas: Very into money. That's honestly the only thing I remember.
Northeast Texas: Some sexy people who mostly read the profile. Of everywhere in Texas, I'd probably want to visit here most.
Oklahoma: No one read the profile, but I also got the distinct impression that most people couldn't read... hmm...
Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota: Man what are you all even doing? First of all, stop masquerading as 3 states when you've got the same exact people in each state. Secondly, read the profile.
North Dakota: Randomly has the nicest, most respectful people who all read the profile! Marking Fargo as a must visit!
Minnesota: Mostly nice people. I think it's a thing with people from cooler climates... And they mostly read the profile.

My online road trip is far from done. We'll be heading into the South soon, and then there's the delightful monsters on the east coast to deal with. If you guys seem interested, I'll post more about my experiences with the locals. I've been having fun so far!

But seriously, Washington and North Dakota. Rawr to you both!
Posted:Mar 7, 2018 11:32 am
Last Updated:Apr 5, 2018 9:34 pm

I'm the kind of person that will never just sit idly by when I know someone or something is suffering. I do shit like make comfort food, clean someone's house, or run errands for them...

I'm always looking for new ways to let someone know I'm there for them. So-

What do you guys do when you've got a friend going through some ~things~?
Posted:Mar 2, 2018 6:10 am
Last Updated:Mar 8, 2018 5:31 pm

Now that it's March, I feel we're deep enough into the year to get a general idea for how 2018 is shaping up.

You may not agree with me here, but I think it's been a good year so far!

On a related note, my New Year's resolution was to be more positive. This may surprise some of you who know me well because I'm usually looking on the bright side of things, but I'm also overly negative and critical of myself. No bueno.

I catch myself when I'm thinking negatively now and try to put a positive spin on things. I've been doing the same with news stories and world events (sometimes very hard to accomplish) - Ultimately making my year much better than around this time last year!

So, has this year been good for you too? Or is my positivity making me ignorant of the world around me?
Plastic Lady
Posted:Feb 28, 2018 6:57 am
Last Updated:Mar 20, 2018 11:11 pm

Someone called my profile fake today.

I've decided to be flattered by this! Here's the reasoning.
I'm assuming the profiles you assume are fake belong to women you can't believe exist. As though your ideal of perfection can't be out there in the world...

So basically, this guy was telling me I'm perfect.

Don't worry, I know I'm not. My ego is my only flaw.

I didn't even respond to the message, because can you imagine if he knew I'm very real? Poor thing.

To be honest, this isn't the first time that's happened. I got that quite a lot when I was new, not so much now that I've been on here a while. I'm always confused by it because not only am I confirmed, but I've also got testimonials...

Is that a tactic to get a woman to talk to you? Or is it that hard to discern the fakes on here? Would you look at my profile and assume I'm fake? Or do you think this is another case of "no one ever reads the profile"?
Side note
Posted:Feb 26, 2018 7:10 pm
Last Updated:Mar 20, 2018 11:13 pm
Dear a.f.f.,

What the fuck are Sping Sports?

Asking for a friend.
Get Young Girls
Posted:Feb 26, 2018 6:55 pm
Last Updated:Apr 3, 2018 5:17 am
I'm not a fan of targeted advertising. It's pretty awkward because most of the things I look up are on my phone, and it's mostly sexy stuff I look up. New outfits, dick, new toys, new positions, dick, titties and dick.

I'm at work the other day and my phone is just showing me ads for sex toys. A young, new hire walks by and I'm fucking positive she sees it because I'm not quick enough to x out of the page... luckily I'm her boss so she doesn't say anything haha!

While I hate targeted ads, it's certainly better than what always greets me when I'm on

Does anyone actually fall for this shit?
Help me decide...
Posted:Feb 25, 2018 6:26 am
Last Updated:Feb 26, 2018 6:21 pm

I really miss camming... I liked putting on my shows because they were super fun and interactive and I looked cute as hell.

I'm just not sure if I want to again if I'm unwilling to show face because my face is the best part about me. Yes, I'm conceited haha!

A friend said to wear a mask, but that seems cumbersome and impersonal...

I'm open to suggestions though. Anyone else got any brilliant pieces of advice? Another option to obscure my face? Or should I just not shake my ass on cam?
Posted:Feb 23, 2018 8:42 am
Last Updated:Feb 24, 2018 8:52 pm

One of my friends on here (who shall remain nameless and who has a big black dick and oops that should give it away) told me yesterday that I should stay away from black men because they're not good for me.

I'm currently committing the majority of my play time to one man who is incredible. And he happens to be black. Beyond this guy though, the friends with benefits I've kept the longest have been Latin or black or Asian. I already told you - I'm all inclusive!

Sadly, as with most women I'm friends with on here, I've had some Horrifying experiences in the casual sex game (a good part of the reason I decided to limit my partners). What's more is all the bad things that have ever happened to me in the casual sex game were committed by white men.

That isn't to say I haven't had good experiences with white men, I'm just curious if my experiences have been singular or if there's a trend or if it's simply a numbers game - there's seemingly more white people on here so chances are higher my experiences with them will suck.

What's your experience been like? Should I actually try to stay away from white men? Or has my luck just been shit?

All responses welcome!
Posted:Feb 10, 2018 2:49 pm
Last Updated:Feb 28, 2018 11:06 am

Dear Miss D,

What happened to your fire ass vids that I loved cumming to?

Everyone on a.f.f.

Well everyone, I love showing off. And, fuck, I love knowing I'm making you cum! That makes me feel so empowered.

However, I don't love when some assholes on here decide to post my pics and vids elsewhere. Because that is exactly what happened. And I didn't like having to prove the vids were mine to have the external site they were found on remove them.

My girl mamacita38dd actually told me about a week before I found out all of this had happened that the same thing has happened to her in the past. But, in my naive mind, I'm thinking everyone is here for the same thing, why would anyone take my private hobbies and air it out for everyone? Which is still a great question that I wish I knew the answer to.

It is different having my face on here where any person who sees it is on this website because they're also a pervert. But to put them out publicly crossed a line.

So, I've deleted anything with my gorgeous face on it. I know you can still find me out there, I apparently got too popular... but what I can control, I have.

It's really disheartening because I love showing off and I'm super cute, but I'm not even going to cam anymore as a result of this violation.

And honestly, please save the criticism over my choices. I realize now it was a mistake. I'm just letting you know why I deleted so much content. And why I disappeared for almost a month, I thought sincerely about never coming back.

But, I'm still into being cum all over... so here I am.
Posted:Jan 11, 2018 10:59 pm
Last Updated:Feb 16, 2018 12:14 pm

Alright. So this website has been getting to me. It's always had shit interface and the technical problems were always a mild annoyance. But now.... it's like they're not even trying.

And I've been dealing with their help center over some issues with the site, issues that caused me to hide my profile. Those have yet to be resolved, nor do I think they ever will.

However, what other options are out there? I'm basically forced to deal with this bull shit because no one else has this userbase. I'm not going to have the same connections anywhere else.

Maybe that's part of the plan, be able to reach out easier and find new people because we all have something to commiserate over?...

I will say, while I was gone I was getting off on chat spin. The anonymity and random pairing was nice/hilarious. I'm pretty sure I've fucked with about every man in India now, it was great trying to get off with a language barrier... I just laughed most of the time.

Anyway. Stop being shit a.f.f. before you lose your user base.

Oh also, to anyone who hit me up on kik while I was gone, I had that shut down too so I've got no fucking clue what you said. Hope it wasn't important. Fairly confident it was just "hey" though.
I ain't dead yet
Posted:Dec 12, 2017 8:40 am
Last Updated:Feb 10, 2018 2:53 pm

The contest is still going while work is threatening to swallow me whole. Ahhh, the holidays will never be the same when you work retail...

I'm definitely not as active on here with everything else going on, but know that I'm still keeping an eye on the contest, and prizes will be given out on Xmas as I've stated.

I wish I could just give some to everyone who's entered, but holy shit if there haven't been a ton of entries so far! Haha. Maybe I shouldn't make the next one as long? Hmmm...

Anyway, good luck to all who have entered and will enter!
Holiday Points Giveaway!
Posted:Nov 26, 2017 7:35 am
Last Updated:Jan 11, 2018 10:59 pm

Ever since I lost the ability to freely pass out flowers (i.e. points), I feel like I've been slacking in my Points Fairy responsibilities.

Lucky for you, I stocked up on points before that happened, and I'm giving them away in a holiday raffle so you can enjoy them!!

I will be giving away 5,000 POINTS to 4 lucky winners. That's a prize pool of 20k. You're welcome

Just comment on this post to be entered to win. Prizes will be given away on 12/25.

First! A few rules for how I will pick the winner...
1. You have to have been on a.f.f. for at least a month. I don't want these points just being wasted by some rando here just checking things out.
2. You have to have a profile picture. Same idea as rule 1.
3. You can't be currently blocked by me or generally perceived as an asshole or troll. That should be obvious why.
4. Winners will be chosen at random, so no amount of BUT I NEEEEEEED THEM will help you.
5. You're absolutely allowed and encouraged to comment more than once.

Lastly, I will only be giving them away to the winners, so please don't message me asking for points.

Good luck my lovers!

Merry Xmas/Holidays/Monday!

The RNG has decided that 69smith409, sigrhetman, edinbro54, and femalefeetfan (gross) will be having a very merry Monday! Points are already out there in the world, can't take em back.

Thanks for playing! I don't think I'll be having anything else for a bit as I'm also going to be taking a break from this game soon, but you never know!

Hope everyone has the day off today and that you all have a happy and healthy 2018!

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