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So Once Again.......
Posted:Jun 21, 2018 6:41 pm
Last Updated:Jun 27, 2018 6:59 pm
So once again I am contacted (emailed) by an idiot man who feels he needs to comment about my profile. This happened out of the blue. I've never contacted him, never viewed his profile (until this), never interacted with him at all.

Instead of just reading my profile (his choice), deciding it, or me more specifiy, isn't for him, and just moving along....he decides to get mean and email me.

What makes some men do this? Just your basic being an asshole would be my guess.

Any else wanna give me some thoughts on this?

I've read many a man's profile and thought to myself....what a douche bag or some other negative thought, but not once have I ever sent a mean - unsolicited email to them! Now I HAVE sent emails commenting in a positive way if a man's profile is thoughtful and "speaks" to me.

So below you will find our exchange, it remains to be seen if he replies any further...

Oh....btw - my comment to him about being able to get laid anytime I want was not inspired by conceit.....only the knowledge that 99.9% of women on this site can most likely say the same

He says he's a perhaps a strong woman, who won't take any shit...knows what she wants (and doesn't), and verbalizes that....scares him or some other little boy BS. Or perhaps I'm just a head case? Nah.....I'm sane...I promise....

I can be a smart ass

His profile says he's seems to me he's a cheating liar!

Good luck buddy..... play safe (IF you find a woman on here)...and don't get dirty!!

Always Bittersweet.......
Posted:May 18, 2018 2:58 pm
Last Updated:Jun 19, 2018 9:32 pm
I just got back the other day (May 17th @ 12:38 am to be from visiting my son, his GF and my grandsons in Oregon. I lovingly call them my "West Coast"

It is always a bittersweet trip to make. I love to go out there and see them and to actually get to hug them and see them in person. We do the whole FaceTime thing the rest of the time, but of course it not the same.

I was there for just a week because it was the longest I could get off from work. I only started my new job about 6 months ago, so it was an unpaid vacation....but some savings will make that okay.

Leaving is always so hard to do. I miss them all so much, and most times in the past I've cried while saying good-bye. My grandsons are getting older (5 yrs. & 3 yrs) so I kept it together this time, but once on the plane and seated (and buckled in) some tears couldn't help but slip out. I do look forward though to getting back home and having my "East Coast" family around me.

My son would love for me to move out there, but I have 5 other grown children and 5 (with another on the way) grandchildren (plus a 90 yr. old dad) here in Philly.

They came here to Philly last summer and may be back later in the year (my son and the boys) when my daughter graduates from nursing school. She's hoping to have her brother see her graduate (they were pretty close, despite an 8 year age gap). It will probably be a short stay since he needs to work...but I will be looking forward to it and hoping it happens.

Well anyway......I thought I would share some pictures that I took while out there.

A few where taken from the always amazes me to be above the

or are of Crater Lake.....a nearly 2000 foot deep lake that is a remnant of a destroyed volcano, Mount Mazama. It is replenished by rain and melting of the snow. There was still snow around when we were there.

A few are of the Detroit Dam (not sure why a dam in Oregon is named Little scary looking over the edge....

A few are of a popular place called Opal Creek where you can swim and sun in the warmer weather. Although the water is still pretty cold even then. Runoff from the snowy mountains and creeks runs into it.

I also visited the Lava River Cave in the Dechutes National Forest. It is a mile and a half lava tube. Dark as hell if you turn your flashlights

Oregon is a beautiful place for sure, and I love to go to places while there that I haven't seen yet. I'd recommend going to Oregon if you get the chance,and to all those places..

Hopefully the picture issue on the site is fixed....or I'm gonna be

Can Anyone Tell Me......
Posted:Apr 27, 2018 4:02 pm
Last Updated:Jun 7, 2018 5:54 pm
Now I know weird things go on - on this site all the time. It has numerous issues, almost on a daily basis.

And it's aggravating as hell some times....

But this is weird and I'm not sure if it's a "glitch" or something else.

Soooooo......Can anyone tell me how this happens? (see pics below)

How can the same exact profile have two different locations that are about 837 miles away from each other? The profile name is the same, the contents of the profile are the same, the stats listed are the same.

But the profile has one location listed if you view the whole profile (Griffin Georgia) and a different location (Trevose Pa) if you just hover over the profile while viewing it in a listing of people in your area.

Notice in both screenshots (I obliterated the profile name a bit) that the profile says it is 4 miles away from my location on both! Huh?

Trevose, Pa is about 4 miles from me.

But Griffin, Georgia is (as previously mentioned), approximately 837 miles.

Yikes.....I'm still trying to figure this one out.....

Just makes me SMH and say

Hopefully the screenshots will stay put....I hear that's a common glitch lately on here.....ugh!

Well the pics are not able to be added to the blog yet...I chatted with customer service and got the usual "We're working on it" So please check back if you'd like to see the screenshots that help to illustrate the Twilight zone effect of this

UPDATE>>>>this profile now has a location of Dayton NV. and a few weeks later he's in Holland, MI..... so who knows where this guy really

Just The Truth About Some Women, Me and Memes I Like :D
Posted:Mar 7, 2018 10:44 am
Last Updated:Apr 4, 2018 6:29 pm
Just a post with some memes I've found that I like.....some truisms about women, me and whatnot......'s snowing and I'm a little[/SIZE

Keeping That Libido Up and Running :D
Posted:Feb 1, 2018 10:08 am
Last Updated:Feb 4, 2018 1:47 pm
When we first hit puberty, hormones do all the work in keeping our sex drive (also known as libido) up and running. As time passes, factors like aging, stress, diseases and drug use can affect this drive. This condition can affect any, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Feeling a bit unenthused about getting intimate? Here are some holistic ways to boost your drive.

Isn’t that first paragraph the truth? When we were young it seems like it was on our minds a lot and the more sex we had the better. Now sometimes life has a way of intruding on the thoughts of sex or actually having sex.

Of course there is the pharmaceutical “helpers” and that may be the answer that works for some due to possible medical conditions etc. But if you are blessed with good health but your libido has declined a bit, perhaps these natural or holistic tips could be just the key.

Working out has an infinite number of benefits for the body. From muscle tone improvement to elevated mood and self-image, a good workout routine can lead to a more fulfilling — and a more sexually active one . By getting your fitness on, you are increasing circulation within your entire body, including your newly awakened nether regions.

If you’re under high amounts of stress, relaxation exercises are great for getting to the root of the issue, which so often affects sex drive. While everybody relaxes in different ways, yoga, tai chi, Pilates, meditation and spending time in nature are all tried-and-true chill-inducing remedies.

A little herbal help never hurt anybody, and supplements are an easy and natural way to get your fix. Herbs that are known to increase sex drive include yohimbe, ginkgo biloba, dong quai, Siberia ginseng and maca. Plenty of supplements on the market are filled with these beneficial herbs. PLEASE NOTE - Don’t forget to ask your doctor before taking anything.

While sex may sound less than appealing during a low libido period, it might just be exactly what you need. Boredom can often result in a loss of sex drive, so taking a look at your current routine and spicing it up with an outdoor session or a new toy could get your drive back on track.

Sometimes you need look no further than your refrigerator for a little boost. Oysters, bananas, figs, garlic, avocados, almonds, chocolate and celery are just a few of the foods credited with releasing sex horms, ing with impotence and improving stamina.

Throw away the cigarettes! Smoking is already known for its damaging effects on the lungs, but here’s a little extra tidbit; it can decrease sex drive as well. When you smoke, your blood circulation is being depleted of essential oxygen, preventing it from functioning properly. This decrease in circulation affects all areas of the body — including your sex organs.


Have you gone through a period with decreased sex drive? What helped you get through it? Would you try any of these remedies?

Please do tell…….feel free to add anything else you can think of that could get those experiencing a dip in their sex drive on track.

This Is How......
Posted:Jan 7, 2018 6:32 pm
Last Updated:Jul 3, 2018 6:29 pm
You can pretty easily spot a fake profile (just in case ya were

Clearly it would be amazing for a couple to be born on the same day, of the same year. I also kinda find it a little suspicious that they are both listed as straight, but yet they are seeking a woman (the woman of this couple is not bi curious or he is not ????) or they are looking for a couple! Could be looking for same room sex I suppose or to swap?

Now I suppose they are just hoping to find platonic - non sexual friends, and have just decided to use A*F*F to do that....stranger things have happened I'm sure.

My guess is most likely a guy.....(but could be a woman) hoping to score a free gold......

The fakes just keep coming.......

Maybe I'll check back to see if "they" add any other info to their profile......

What a PAIR this Philadelphia couple

I'm Getting Real Tired
Posted:Dec 19, 2017 6:57 am
Last Updated:Jan 17, 2018 10:28 am

Of this new IM "feature"......

The freaking thing signs me on automatically every time I sign in, and apparently sometimes when I click on my email, or other odd times it does it as well. It use to just do that if I logged in on my cell phone, now it does it if I'm on my laptop!

Is this supposed to be a good thing? Cause I think it sucks!!

IF I wanted to go on the IM I can damn well do it when I feel like doing it, not when A*F*F feels like doing it for me!!!

Is this annoying anyone else or is it just me?

Am I Supposed To Be Flattered?
Posted:Dec 13, 2017 11:53 am
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2018 12:45 pm
Soooooooooooooo this is the kind of emails we women get on this site by men that either have no sense at all or maybe think we should be flattered by the attention?

I make it plain on my profile (if one bothers or knows how to read), what I'm about, so all of his questions should have never been asked in the first place. But ask he did!

Please gentlemen learn from these idiots what not to say!

I don't feel like giving this jerk a piece of my mind today, so he is just being ignored and blocked!

BTW dude.....the answer to your questions is a resounding NO......not in a million years with YOU!!

XXXXXBreeder20XX (I swear next time I'm leaving the username in the post - idiots like this would deserve it)

Damn I’d love to breed ur fertile womb with my thick healthy cum day and night!!

U r so fucking sexy!! I'd love to fuck the shit outta your sexy pussy, with my big black dick. And give you a huge creampie in your sexy pussy, or bust a huge load deep down your throat and watch you swallow every last drop of my sweet cum. Btw would like to meet in person, and have some NSA SEX?? I'd also pay for the hotel room. My name is Ace! Please call me or text me?!?! XXX-XXX-2473 (next time I swear I'm leaving the number in the post)

Also, can you handle these sexual activities??

1) Can u handle being controlled, and being treated like a lil slut??

2) Can u handle being spanked, and slapped??

3) can u handle getting your throatfucked hard and deep??

4) Can u handle being squeezed, and pinched??

5) Can u handle being fucked, and used for hours??

6) Can u handle being a cumslut, cumdump, cumbank??

12/13/2017 2:22 pm

Fitbit For The Man Bits?
Posted:Nov 30, 2017 8:12 pm
Last Updated:Dec 15, 2017 10:23 am
Heard about this the other day on a television program.

It Had to Happen.... Here Comes the Smart Condom

A sex wearable is coming to track your performance and judge you?

It's basically a Fitbit for your man bits that tracks thrust speed and velocity.

The i.Con Smart Condom, which markets itself as the "world's first smart condom," is actually a ring that fits over a boring, dumb condom and claims to track the exercise of your man bits, as well as detect chlamydia and syphilis.

The ring, first announced last July, is currently available for preorder on British Condoms for £59.99 (about $74, AU$97) with an unknown release date. But you can't actually put a ring on it yet -- the company says it won't take your until the product has a firm release.

In short, the i.Con ring promises to answer every burning question you've ever had about your sex session. Don't worry, it will pair with an app for all your data visualization needs.

According to the preorder page, the ring will answer questions such as:

What's my thrust velocity?
How fast are my thrusts?
How many calories did that sesh just burn?
How many times did I just have sex?
What's the average skin temperature of bits?
What's my girth?
How many different positions did I just conquer?
Plus, it aims to answer that age-old question: How do I stack up at sex to every else around the world? Because sure, let's gamify sex. What could go wrong?

The ring, which will come with a -year warranty, will have a Micro-USB charging port to provide to hours of "live" usage (not clear if this means thrust usage or something else). It will work with a combination of "nano-chip and sensors," and pair with your device via Bluetooth. (I thought it would charge kinetiy, but maybe that's just a pipe dream.)

With zero pictures of the self-styled "future of wearable technology in the bedroom" on the site, it's hard to say just how all this technology will fit into a tiny ring. The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment. British Condoms does say the i.Con will be available in size with a "band adjustment feature."

Worried about privacy, the data kind? British Condoms says "all data will be kept anonymous, but users will have the option to share their recent data with friends, or, indeed the world."

Forget dick pics. Now we have to worry about dick status updates!!

So my questions are:

Would this be something men would really be interested in using?

Do you really want to know the info it provides or would you rather just keep some things in the realm of the unknown?

Do you think it could improve your self confidence if your stats are considered good or hinder your confidence if they are found to be less than you hoped for?

Would you women be interested in knowing the particulars of your lover's performance in a more scientific way, or just judge for yourself by the encounters with him?

Last question: Would you really be sharing the info from your dick fitbit with your friends or the world?

What will they think of next?

Ohhhh No...How Will I Ever Survive....LOL
Posted:Oct 27, 2017 6:29 pm
Last Updated:Jul 3, 2018 6:31 pm
Sooooooooooo I think I may have made an enemy or two on the blogs.

I'm so brokenhearted and distressed.....NOT!!!!!

I sometimes comment on a particular blogger's posts (one who may have had a resurrection from a previous profile) and this person has deleted most of my responses to his blog. Not sure if I pissed him off (honesty and all that) or he's taking directions from another respondent on his

Two peas in a pod......would be a good

Grow up for Pete's

Ahhhhhhh........ I think it may be time to block a few too full of themselves people!

Wow - Just Wow................
Posted:Oct 25, 2017 5:54 pm
Last Updated:Dec 2, 2017 1:17 pm
Holy Shit.....

I'm not sure what possess some people to feel the need to comment on what other people look like, or care what people think of, or how they see themselves. What does it hurt these people if someone happens to think of themselves (their appearance) in a certain light, and they disagree?

Confidence is an attractive quality and if one is happy with themselves all the better, and all that matters.

Confidence is attractive, conceit, arrogance and meanness are not! And to judge someone on their looks, and then blog about how awful you think they look, is just plain horrible.

I'm sitting here, shaking my head in astonishment at the insensitivity of some people.

There are people that are attractive on the outside, but the inside is ugly as hell.......

And there are people that are less attractive on the outside, but an absolute joy to know for the goodness that is inside of them.

Give me the second option please....I'd rather know them!

There should be one image: If it disappears again it said

If The Whole World Was Blind...How Many People Would You Impress?

Seriously Guys? (some of you)
Posted:Oct 24, 2017 3:19 pm
Last Updated:Oct 27, 2017 5:02 pm
So I received this email from a guy that just cuts and pastes emails apparently, either that or he was very confused, was thinking of someone else when he emailed me, or was hoping he was being very flattering to me and I'd jump at the

I've considered perhaps a typo-but I'm thinking that the numbers are too far spaced on a

Your pictures are amazing!! You look gorgeous for 40!! You look like a very sensual lady... I'll be in the area this week for business, and would love to enjoy you if you're interested.

...I hope that you are

10/23/2017 3:28 pm

He also included pictures, and honestly he wasn't a bad looking man. He was younger (48 yrs. old)

But come on now...

I'm 57 years old, quite a bit past 40, and I clearly state in my profile what I'm looking for. I'm not looking for quick hookups with men I barely know. Does he think we are going to develop a long term relationship with him coming into my area for business occasionally ?. He lives 828 miles away from me!

Am I supposed to be flattered? Yay...he'd like to enjoy me, no mention of if he'd like for me to enjoy as well! Hmmmmm.......

IF he had taken a little time to read my profile, he would have known that I wouldn't have been interested....

I realize my profile is a long read, and if someone is not up for it...that's fine. Don't bother and move on....but if you're going to email me (or any woman/man) for that matter, then you really should take some time. Otherwise you are just wasting your time and mine.

I use to answer all emails, but it can get ridiculous saying the same things over and over. I get it if they don't have a gold membership, but my understanding is standard members can't read or send emails anyway. (correct me if I'm wrong).

Soooooooo.....If you are a gold member then there is no excuse for you not reading a profile, other then you didn't care to.

I'm really a pretty easy going-laid back woman....not trying to bust balls, but I don't think it's that hard for people to take some time, and put in a little effort, if they really want you to consider them

Agree? Disagree? Feel free to give your thoughts..

Ahhhhhhh...those disappearing images......Ugh

HUH...I Never Knew or Even Thought......
Posted:Oct 23, 2017 4:32 pm
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2017 4:18 pm
I came across this the other day, I don't even remember where.....


Boy the internet is certainly filled with all kinds of interesting and strange information, or sometimes things that just make you shake your head and say “HUH...I never knew”?........maybe didn't want to

Apparently this is not something that is actually for sale, but was part of an art exhibit in Milan in 2015. I am kind of curious though and wonder how well this would have sold if Mr. Sturkenboom had decided to make it available for sale.

This Dildo Can Be Filled With The Ashes Of Your Loved One

For most of us, it seems that discussing sexuality and death in the same breath is not something one would normally do, but this is something that Dutch designer Mark Sturkenboom seems determined to challenge.

His controversial 21 Grams project featured a glass dildo that can hold exactly 21 grams of a cremated loved one’s ashes. In 1901, an American doctor named Duncan MacDougall determined that the soul weighed 21 grams by weighing elderly people immediately before and after they died from tuberculosis.

When unlocked, with a key that can be worn as a pendant, the front of the box forms two panels that fold out. One of these holds a built-in perfume/cologne container with a rubber diffuser attached.

A drawer in the base of the box can be used for keepsakes like a handkerchief or small scarf. The inside of the lid also features a round storage compartment for a ring, which is hidden behind two hinged flaps that form the shape of a shield when closed.

The hollow glass dildo rests at the back of the main compartment, and the small golden urn is slotted into the bottom of this and closed with a brass seal.
Music from the user's iPhone is amplified by the box, to perhaps play some of their favorite music, with the sound transmitted through perforations arranged in the shape of two forget-me-not flowers on the inside of the box.

"By bringing different nostalgic moments together like the scent of his cologne, ‘their’ music and perhaps reviving the moment he gave her her first ring, it opens a window to go back to moments of love and intimacy," Sturkenboom says.

Hmmmm…..I honestly don’t think this is something that I would want to use if it were indeed available to buy, despite missing the closeness of a lover/husband/significant other. For me I think it it would seem a little macabre.

Sure I would miss sex and the intimacy of my lover, but if I’m feeling horny at some point after bereavement or grief has passed some, and haven’t met anyone, and I’m feeling the need to masturbate for relief of the sexual tension...I would just use some of the “regular” dildos and whatever other sex toys I would care to use. You could always fantasize and remember the good times while doing so.

Anyone think this is something you could possibly consider buying and using were it available? Or do you think it is a bit sad, strange, yucky, creepy or any other word you’d like to add.

Ya learn something new or strange every day.....


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